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Want to take the next step in your relationship this Valentine's Day?

Want to take the next step in your relationship this Valentine's Day?

Trust is a major part of any relationship. When you’re busy building a life together, granting your significant other access to your home is the natural next step. Not only does sharing home access show that you trust your partner by allowing them the ability to come and go as they please, but it also confirms that you are committed to them on a deeper level and are actively thinking about future important steps in your relationship, like moving in together.

Why not show your love and trust to your partner by granting them smart home access with the help of a Yale Smart Lock? All to enjoy the many benefits that smart access control can bring to your relationship.

Make giving them a key easier with virtual keys

Giving your partner a key to your home is a big step for any couple. However, there is the hassle that comes with cutting physical keys and the risk of your partner losing the keys once they have been handed over. Simply hiding a spare under a mat isn’t an option either as not only is it unsafe and doesn’t make the same impact as a grand romantic gesture. Using a smart lock, like the Linus® Smart Lock, is a much easier way to commit by providing your partner with smarter home access.

With Linus®, you can grant temporary access using virtual keys or PIN codes for your home to your partner at the start of the relationship, and then permanent access when things get more serious, so they can enter your home without the need for a physical key. All that is needed is a smartphone or Yale Smart Keypad to gain access. And should the worst happen and you two decide to break up, you can quickly and easily cancel any virtual keys or codes you have issued, letting you enjoy your newly single life so you can scroll through Tinder in peace knowing only that you are in full control of your home access!

Always keep your partner and your home safe

Once you’ve decided to share access, making sure your partner is safe and easy for them to navigate your home security system should be a top priority. Luckily, thanks to integrations between Linus® and the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm, false alarm trips are now a thing of the past!

Sync will automatically deactivate the moment the door is unlocked with Linus®, giving you or your partner, who might not be familiar with your home security set-up, one less thing to worry about when your partner arrives home before you do. This handy auto-deactivation feature eliminates the risk of creating a false alarm and startling you or your partner with the noise from a loud siren. To grant you peace of mind knowing your home and your partner are always protected no matter what!

Avoid unnecessary fights with your partner thanks to Linus® smart features

There is bound to be a bit of an adjustment period once you have granted your partner access to your home while you both get used to the idea of being around each other on a more frequent basis. This could lead to some arguments, especially if you are worried about your home’s security. Thanks to smart features built into your Linus® Smart Lock, you can avoid these fights and instead focus on enjoying this new stage of your relationship.

If you feel like your partner is a little forgetful and is worried, they might not check to see if the door is locked once they leave the house, there’s no need to panic! Linus® will automatically lock the door when anyone leaves, to avoid arguments over accidentally leaving the door unlocked. And for added peace of mind, you can also check your door’s lock status using the Yale Home app.

Picture this, you and your partner are comfortable and settling down to bed, but then you remember that your home may be unlocked! The inevitable discussion on who will have to leave to check on your door could be a heated one, but this conflict can be avoided thanks to voice integrations with the Linus® Smart Lock. The “Good Night" scenario with Linus® allows you to ask your preferred voice assistant to lock your door and switch off your lights all from the comfort of your bed when you are ready to sleep.

So spread the love this Valentine's Day and unlock a new world of possibilities for your relationship with all that smart home access can offer to you and your partner!

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