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Introducing the new Yale Home App

Introducing the new Yale Home App

We are thrilled to introduce you to the new Yale Home app! This new app will replace our current Yale Access app.

The Yale Home app

Our intuitive new app will launch for users on May 17th, 2023, and supports our ambition to provide our customers with one single app that they can use to control both our existing smart products and new products alike. 

As part of our ongoing mission to provide our customers with the highest possible standard of technology and service, our new Yale Home app will grant our customers a more connected Yale ecosystem of smart devices. To provide them with a single-user app experience from which they can control existing Yale devices and all our exciting upcoming products. This new app will be our first step towards achieving that goal, while still providing you with the same intuitive functionalities and services you currently enjoy.

With the launch of this new app, it is important for you to now move your Yale account over to Yale Home from Yale Access, as services from the Yale Access app will cease to operate from the 11th of July 2023.

Transferring accounts

To be able to continue to enjoy all the intuitive smart features your Yale device offers, you will need to move your account from the current Yale Access app you are using to the new Yale Home app.

So, how does it all work? Well, the process couldn’t be simpler!

●      First, download the new Yale Home app.

●      Then, once downloaded, open the app and log in using the same username and password you set up for the Yale Access app. 

With the new app, there’s no need to create a new account or set up your product again, once you have logged in you will be good to go!

It is extremely important to make sure that all the users that you have previously granted access to your device, be that your family, friends, or any other trusted visitors, have downloaded the new app. As once you have moved to the new Yale Home app, any other users classified as owners or guests will also have to move or they will be locked out of their Yale Access account, and unable to use or control the device until they download the new app. 

Additional information

Failure to transfer any Yale device before the 11th of July, cut-off will result in you being locked out of your Yale Access app, as well as any services & functionalities the app would offer until you download the Yale Home app.

It is also important to note that when moving your account to the new app, third-party integrations will not transfer over. Meaning that integrations with trusted Yale partners like Google Home, and Amazon Alexa will require you to re-establish the link between your Yale product and the third-party provider.

If you have any further questions or are looking for any additional information regarding moving your account or our new app, please look at our FAQs for more details: Yale Access to Yale Home FAQ | Support | Yale

Following these simple steps will ensure that you continue to enjoy a seamless home security experience. We look forward to your continued enjoyment of our intuitive smart features thanks to our new Yale Home app.

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