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New to the area? Here are the top smart home gadgets that will impress your neighbours.

 New to the area? Here are the top smart home gadgets that will impress your neighbours.

Everyone knows how important first impressions are, especially when you’ve just moved and are new to the area! Looking to impress your new neighbours? Invite them over to experience all the benefits Yale smart security devices bring to your home! Our leading smart home security is sure to make a great impression on any visitors and make you the envy of the neighbourhood! As well as our stylish new matte black product offering. Enhance your new home with our new Matte black decorative locksets.

Introducing our stunning new matte black decorative locksets!

These locksets are the perfect addition to any home, with a stylish matte black finish that is sure to impress. What sets these locksets apart is the high-quality finish that won't fade over time, ensuring that they will look great for years to come. Available in both 3-lever and cylinder variants, these locksets are suitable for both standard and high protection security levels, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure. Upgrade your home's security and style with our new matte black decorative locksets today!

Keyless convenience with Linus® will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Make home access easier for the whole family with the Linus® Smart Lock. Easily grant virtual keys or codes to trusted family members and friends on the Yale Home app, erasing the need for keys. So, if you get invited by your neighbours for coffee while your kids are at school, they can easily get into the house using their phone or a code set by you using the Yale Smart Keypad. You can also check when they get home using the access logs on the app for extra peace of mind. Any neighbour is bound to be curious when they see how smoothly family life runs in your household thanks to Linus®.

Connected products will make housesitting easier for your new neighbours.

Moving brings up an important question: Whom you are going to trust to watch over your house when you aren’t home or are travelling? An important job of any good neighbour is to keep an eye on the house next door while the owners are away, but why bother with getting a key cut when Yale can give you an even more convenient solution thanks to smart home technology?

The Yale Home app opens you up to a world of connectivity and smart possibilities when it comes to managing and monitoring your home! Our connected smart devices provide you with the ability to set your neighbour up to have access to all aspects of your home, so they can access both the home (via a Linus® Smart Lock). So, if you needed to ask your neighbour to water plants or pet sit, they could easily open your door. And then you can easily revoke access for individual devices or all at once, should anything change! Making housesitting simpler for everyone involved.

Whether you’re looking to make completing your move as smooth as possible, or simply to impress your new neighbours, it's all possible with the help of Yale!

*The Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is needed for the activation of remote functionalities and voice assistant integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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