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Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance and care of your Yale Bike Locks and Padlocks

Yale recommends regular lubrication of your Bike Locks and Padlocks to prevent jamming and ensure continuous trouble-free operation. We recommend using a PTFE-based lubricant for this purpose.

Firstly, clean your Bike Lock or Padlock to remove any dust and grime (you may want to use degreaser spray for heavily soiled products).

The areas that need lubrication are the cylinder, combination dial, and any insertion points, such as shackle tips and deadbolt locking points.

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the parts listed above and proceed to open and close/ lock and unlock your Bike Lock or Padlock at least five times to ensure even coating of all internal parts. Wipe away any remaining lubricant and repeat regularly to keep your product in top condition.


Maintenance and care of your Yale Safe

Yale recommends regularly wiping the door, keypad, screen, and fingerprint sensor with a clean dry cloth.

Ensure that all batteries are changed once a year and if your safe is Smart, make sure that the app runs smoothly on your phone and that you can access and operate your safe remotely.


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