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Introducing the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2

Introducing the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2

We are excited to announce the launch of the next generation of our flagship Linus® product, the Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2!

The product launch will be accompanied by our “Security Made Simple” campaign. The campaign dramatizes some of the behaviors and methods people resort to feel safe, such as installing traps to protect their homes, leaving lights on or training their guard dogs. With our new range of Yale smart security products, you no longer need to worry about home safety. Control over your home security will be made simple thanks to the smarter design and innovative features of these products coupled with the Yale Home app.

Linus® Smart Lock L2

Designed to increase convenience in people's lives while not reducing security, our new Smart Lock combines cutting-edge design, functionality, and innovation in one product.

What has changed between models? On the surface, Linus® L2 features an updated design, developed by the award-winning industrial design studio Bould Design. Fred Bould is an acclaimed designer who has worked on many other notable smart products, such as the Nest thermostat. Its improved sleek and narrow industrial design and durable metal housing will perfectly complement any home's architectural design, from more traditional to the most contemporary.

The lock offers you an easy installation experience right out of the box and can adapt to most cylinders/locks. Regardless of whether you rent or own, it can be quickly mounted on your door with no modifications needed and removed without leaving any marks. To make the set-up process simpler and get you up and running in minutes!

Security made simple with Linus® L2

The key advantage of a smart lock is ease of use and stronger security. Easy to operate, faster and stronger than the previous generation of Linus®, with Linus® L2 you will receive a world-class lock experience. The size of the device has also been reduced, yet we have still ensured that it fits over larger keys to offer you more convenient and faster installation options. The Activity Feed, Smart Alerts, and notifications, within the Yale Home app.

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