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Yale Home Proudly Sponsors "Run the North" Race at Northgate Shopping Center

Yale Home Proudly Sponsors "Run the North" Race at Northgate Shopping Center

At Yale, we believe in fostering a healthier and safer community, and that's why we were thrilled to be the proud sponsor of the "Run the North" race that took place at Northgate Shopping Center this past Sunday, the 23rd of July. As a leading provider of home security supporting an event that promotes health, wellness, and community engagement aligns perfectly with our core values.


"Run the North" was an exhilarating event that brought together seasoned runners, fitness enthusiasts, and families, all eager to challenge themselves and celebrate an active lifestyle. The race featured a 5K and 10K race, catering to participants of various fitness levels and goals. The event also included a special kids' run, encouraging young ones to experience the joy of physical activity.


As a sponsor, Yale played a significant role in ensuring the success of the event. One of the essential aspects of any race is proper hydration, and we took this responsibility seriously. At a designated water point, our dedicated team of volunteers was stationed, diligently handing out water and cooldrink to the runners.


However, our involvement didn't stop there. We took great pride in forming our own team of enthusiastic employees who actively participated in the "Run the North" race. Donning matching T-shirts with the Yale logo, our team ran alongside other participants, fully embracing the spirit of community and sportsmanship. It was a sight to behold, witnessing our team members, with smiles on their faces, running alongside fellow runners, and supporting each other every step of the way.


As a sponsor, "Run the North" provided us with a unique opportunity to connect with our local community and share our commitment to promoting health and wellness and promoting our brand.

Moreover, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants who took part in the "Run the North" race. Your passion, dedication, and spirit were truly inspiring, and we are proud to have played a role in making this event a success. We extend our sincere thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, and participants for making this event unforgettable.


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