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Smart Opener for Gates

The Yale Smart Opener is designed to provide seamless access to gates and garages using the Yale Home App, from anywhere in the world. Compact in size and easy to install on already fitted automation devices, you can open your gates and garage doors as you approach, without needing to know where you left your remote.
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  • Easy to install
  • Connect from anywhere in the world using your phone
  • Convenient status updates and instant notifications, no matter where you are
  • Easy key sharing with family, friends or trusted visitors
  • Get notified when garage or gates has been opened without access rights
How it works

The Yale Smart Opener is compatible with most garage and gate door opening methods and with most automation devices. Visit our compatibility checker on our website to ensure that our device works with your existing equipment.

Open and Glose from anywhere

You can open and close your gates and garage doors as you approach or leave, without the need to use the remote. If a relative is waiting at your gate, you can even open and close remotely with the Yale Home app. Convenience and flexibility to your busy life!

Expecting guests? Send a virtual key

Using our Yale Home app you can grant remote access through codes or virtual keys to your gate or garage door to any trusted family, friends, and hired professionals. So instead of waiting at home all day to ensure your parcel gets delivered, instead you can grant access to delivery drivers, allowing them to drop off packages in your garage. Meaning you can relax knowing that any parcels will be waiting for you in a secure location when you return.

Easy to install

How to install the Yale Smart Opener for Gates.

Enhancing Lives through Home Security and Peace of Mind

We have a passion to improve the lives of people all over the world. If you know your home’s safe and secure, it’s easier to get on with life. We let people enjoy their time together without worrying whether the door’s locked or the alarm’s set. 

Customer-Centric Approach Drives Our Success

Understanding what matters most to our customers is the key to our success. Some people are excited about the latest tech. Some people worry about privacy. Some people just want a lock. 



We are also determined to take a leading role in addressing climate change. We aim to lead our industry toward a sustainable future. That’s why sustainability is part of everything we do. 

Seamless Integration and Convenience

Innovation today is about how we integrate our products into smart homes, platforms and services. It’s about how we make life more convenient without compromising security. 

Affordable and Convenient Door-to-Door Delivery

Affordable & Convenient: Get Fast Door-to-Door delivery for only R99! Enjoy Free delivery on orders Over R600. 

Our Legacy

We have been setting standards and securing homes since 1840.


Yale Trusted Every Day

Yale is trusted by millions of people every day to keep what’s important to them safe. Our innovations have protected their homes, families and belonging for over 180 years. We have expanded from a leader in mechanical lock engineering to innovating connected smart locks and homes. Because we always make every effort to push the boundaries in a changing world. We were there for your grandparents (and probably theirs) and we’ll be there for your children. Today, and every day to come.


Protect What Matters Most to You


Protect What Matters Most to You