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    Introducing the Yale Linus® Smart Lock.

    Introducing the Yale Linus® Smart Lock.

    The perfect balance of form and function

    The Smart Lock that comes with one thing no other locks have… 180 years of security expertise.

    Make your door smarter with a keyless door lock designed to secure and simplify your life. Sleek design combined with state-of-the-art technology.

    Our new Linus Smart Lock is a secure door lock that allows you to lock and unlock your door – no matter where you are. Powered by advanced software and the intuitive Yale Access mobile app, Linus allows for keyless entry and gives users the ability to see who comes and when, grant virtual guest keys, and check whether the door is open or closed. Enjoy peace of mind, protected by the latest Yale Smart Lock with 180 years of security expertise built in.

    The Linus Smart Lock will make any door, using a Euro-profile cylinder, smart. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the smart lock connects with leading smart home systems, voice assistants and home share platforms for effortless door control and access management.

    Designed with a stunning brushed metal finish, and in the choice of silver or matte black, the smart lock delivers added functionalities and ease of use, while still complementing both stylish and modern homes. Linus can add both function and style to every homes front door. For example, using Geo-fencing technology the Linus lock will auto-unlock when approaching the door when coming home. It also relocks after closing the door and you can customize this feature in the Yale Access app.

    Key Features:

    Full control from the palm of your hand

    Turn your smartphone or Apple Watch into your "key." The intuitive Yale Access app for your Android or iOS device lets you manage the access of your smart lock remotely. *You can share access with the people you trust, view activity, and receive notifications.
    *Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required for functionalities such as locking/ unlocking your door remotely, instant alerts to your phone and for integrations like voice assistants.

    DoorSense™ for peace of mind

    DoorSense technology monitors the door and notifies you if the door is closed or has been left ajar.

    Award winning product

    Recognized for its sleek, intelligent design and best in class materials at the prestigious Red Dot Awards, The European Product Design Awards, and The Ambient Awards at CES Las Vegas. What truly sets Linus® apart from other smart locks on the market is the ease of installation, simple DIY attachment to euro profile cylinder locks,  and the innovation it has built into the locks with 180 years of security expertise guaranteeing security.

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