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Introducing the new Smart Opener for Gate and Garage from Yale

Introducing the new Smart Opener for Gate and Garage from Yale

Introducing the new Smart Opener for Gate and Garage from Yale


We are excited to introduce you to our latest smart home device, designed to bring convenience and security to all entrance points within your homes!


The Smart Gate and Garage Opener are fully aligned with our ambition to create a single-app user experience for all our upcoming smart home products. The Yale Smart Opener offers you the ability to control and monitor your gate and garage doors that have already been fitted with automation devices using the Yale Home app on your smartphone.


The Smart Gate and Garage Opener

So, what is the Smart Gate and Garage Opener? Easy to install, and compact in size, the Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener is designed to provide seamless access to gates and garages. So you can open and close your gates and garage doors as you approach or leave, without the need to use the remote. The smart opener will also send you a notification whenever someone opens or closes your gate or garage door. And for further peace of mind, you can check your access history at any time no matter where you are, through the Activity Log on the Yale Home app. Your gates and garage doors can also be controlled remotely for additional convenience, all via the user-friendly Yale Home app.  So, you can always know that any cars, bikes, mowers, sports equipment, power or garden tools, and other expensive items stored in your garage are always secure.


Need to grant permanent or temporary access remotely using a code or virtual key to your family or friends,? This can be done quickly and easily using the Yale Home app! The addition of a Smart Keypad is also handy for providing friends and trusted service providers access in and out of any gates without the need to use the app. So instead of waiting at home all day to ensure your parcel gets delivered, you can grant access to delivery drivers by providing them with a PIN code, allowing them to drop off packages in your yard. Meaning you can relax knowing that any parcels will be waiting for you in a secure location when you return.


If you have guests coming over but you are too busy cooking to open your gate, don’t worry! You can open or close your gate using a simple voice command as the Smart Opener is designed to work with your favorite voice assistants, like Google Assistant.


Smarter access management using the Yale Home app


Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you can experience the benefit of remote access functionalities for entrance points around your home! Using our Yale Home app, you can open and close your garage and gate from anywhere and grant remote access through codes or virtual keys to your gate or garage door. To provide access to any trusted family, friends, and hired professionals.


So, if you were away from home on holiday, any friend watering plants or house-sitting could quickly and securely get inside and take care of your home thanks to pre-shared access. And if anything changes or you only need to allow entry for a single job, codes or keys given can be canceled at any time! You can also monitor your garage and gate access and get notified via the app when your gate or garage is opened, including being notified if there is any unwanted access.


With our Yale Home app, you can easily control all entrances to your property. Meaning you can manage access to your garage door and gate with the new openers, and any front or back door with a Yale Smart Lock, such as Linus®. This provides you with the ability to set up a user to have access to their garage, gate, and front and back door all using the same code, and then revoke access for all at once if needed. To create a seamless user experience and bring more convenience to your busy life.


This exciting new product is available now for all our customers to purchase, so they can experience for themselves the many exciting benefits the Smart Gate and Garage Opener can bring to their lives!

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