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Yale Easy Fit HD 720p CCTV system

Yale’s new CCTV system and app helps you keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your property while you’re away The Yale CCTV system and free app for your mobile devices will ensure that nothing escapes your watch as you can always 'check in' on your property every time you use your phone or tablet. Smart technology offers superior resolution Now imagine having a front-row seat to your own property and being the first to catch any suspicious activity. The HD resolution technology means that you no longer have to struggle to try and make out what is on the screen as the HD 720P system guarantees clearer, sharper and more defined images. Live or recorded footage can be displayed in the same super clear viewing format system as Multi-choice movie channels or at similar levels to superior high-definition television. With its waterproof, high-resolution cameras, the Yale CCTV system allows you the ability to monitor your home or business in any weather condition. Furthermore, the SMART HD CCTV cameras have powerful infrared LEDs which allow night vision of up to 30 meters, so your property is well protected throughout the night. Watch it. Picture-perfect view of what is happening around your property Pre-installed large capacity hard-drives ensure that days of HD footage can be easily recorded for review at a later time. System settings allow a variety of customised settings to suit your security recording and viewing options. These include: Looped recording (overwriting old footage when the hard drive has been fully utilised) Motion detection recording Scheduled recording (time based) Area selection options and negate specific camera recording settings Camera footage recording quality (allows you to manage hard drive space used for storage by camera, e.g. camera recording set to maximum resolution for vulnerable areas and a lower resolution for other cameras covering less exposed areas) Motion notification 'Push emails' (alerts you when motion has been detected) In addition, should the need arise to retain recorded footage, this can easily be done by downloading the footage on the recorder, via its USB port, to an external hard drive or USB stick.
Yale Easy Fit HD 720p CCTV system


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