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New Keyless Connected Smart Lock

A new generation of smart lock solutions has hit the market with the Keyless Connected Smart lock from Yale. This revolutionary lock offers more than just smart looks, it delivers the ultimate combination of security, convenience and access flexibility in a single lock. The most notable feature being the optional Z-wave module making it compatible with most Smart Home Automation systems.

So what does this mean? No more keys needed to open your lock!! Choose between a RF card, phone sticker, tag or PIN code to operate the lock and for multiple users, the system allows for up to 20 user slots. Using a high security Yale Y3 nightlatch, digital door lock with touch screen keypad and battery pack, its standard size makes it easy to fit on timber doors. Once installed, you have the option to personalise your PIN codes via a keypad to any 4 to 10 digit number of your choice. Extremely versatile, this PIN can be reprogrammed at any time and for added security and convenience, you can also set up a 24 hour “one day only” code to provide access for family, guests or tradesmen.

This Keyless Connected Smart Lock has a 3 minute lock out period if the code is entered incorrectly 5 times and a low battery warning with emergency battery connection. Robustly designed and tested to 120 000 cycles, the unit is also weather resistant to IP55 international ratings. Guaranteeing low power consumption, it unlocks up to 10 000 times per set of batteries and there is no memory loss when you replace the batteries. With a quality satin silver finish and a 2 year guarantee, Yale continues to set new standards in modern security technology. A perfect solution for family homes, B&Bs and small businesses.

Features Touch screen keypad Wireless & battery operated Retro-fits with most 60mm nightlatches Simple to programme & change your 4 -10 digit PIN codes Allows up to 20 user codes and settings remain if batteries are replaced Temporary PIN code for visitors 3 minute lock out if the code is entered incorrectly 5 times Low battery warning with emergency battery connection Z-wave module, optional accessory, available for home automation Specification Front body measures 64mm x 153mm x 51mm (W/H/D) Operating temperature -15°c to 55°c Keypad IP55 Weather resistant (battery pack & nightlatch for internal use only) Cycle tested to 120,000 cycles Low power consumption - unlocks up to 10,000 times with one set of 4 x AA batteries Blue backlit keypad for night time entry
New Keyless Connected Smart Lock


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