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Keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away

If you work far from home or travel often, your home is likely left unguarded for most of the day. Have peace of mind knowing you can monitor your home or your business anytime, from almost anywhere you are in the world with the Smart CCTV kit from Yale. This Smart CCTV kit enables you to remotely view what’s happening in your home, live, by simply using your smartphone. How cool and convenient is that!

The kit does not only allow for live viewing but you can also playback footage of what was happening while you were away. The HD cameras allow for high quality and clear footage even at night. Furthermore, the cameras are weatherproof, making this system ideal for outdoors. One of the special features of this Smart CCTV system is its motion detection ability. This feature allows for triggered recording as soon motion is detected around your home.

The app also allows you to zoom in or out within the footage to get a defined view of an area. So whether you are away for a week, a few days or just a few hours and need to check on your home, Yale’s Smart CCTV kit will be your eyes.
The days of worrying about security when you are away are over! Live smartly and transform your home into a fully safe and secure space with Yale’s Smart Living CCTV solution.
Keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away


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