Smart Home Hub & Keyless Connected Smart Lock

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    The days of fussing about keys are over. With a Smart Door Lock from Yale, you have the option to use a PIN code, RF ID or even a smartphone to unlock your door.

    The Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock with hub provides a complete keyless solution, with the ability to remotely monitor and control access to your home.

    The Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock makes domestic key troubles a thing of the past: there’s no longer any need to have a spare key cut for children, cleaners, carers or temporary workers. Simply schedule rights or revoke access via your smartphone in the Yale app.

    The Smart Home App also allows you to link your Yale Smart CCTV, Smart Alarm accessories and Yale Smart Home IP Cameras too. This enables full control of your security with the convenience of mobile access from anywhere in the world.

    * For inward opening doors only.


    •868MHz Technology: Yale uses a frequency that is tightly controlled, meaning a clearer channel with less interference.
    •Control via Smartphone: Lock/unlock and configure your locks access anytime, anywhere via your Smartphone
    •Anti-Jamming: Detects attempts to interfere with the system and triggers the alarm on the hub
    •Expandable system: Add up to 40 devices to tailor the system to your home. ** Up to 6 out of 40 can also be PIR Image/Video Cameras if alarm accessories are added
    •No Monthly Fee: Putting you in control and alerting you directly means there are no monthly fees
    •94dB internal loud siren within the Smart Hub
    •2 Year Guarantee
    •All batteries Included

    Kit includes:
    •1x Smart Hub
    •1x Lock Module
    •1x Keyless Connected Smart Lock
    •2x RF ID Access Cards

    Extending your Yale System:
    The Yale Smart Home Hub Kit allows you to add alarm accessories to create a Smart Home Alarm system too.

    Yale Smart Home Alarm App:
    The Yale Smart Home Alarm App gives you control of your lock and alarm system from your Smartphone. Download the Yale Smart Home Alarm App for complete peace of mind and knowledge that your home is secure. You can check your home anytime, anywhere via the App, and when the system is connected to a PIR image camera you can receive picture alerts and notifications if the alarm is triggered.

    Set-Up Requirement: For use in home with broadband connection. Homes with a router required with one free wired network port.

    Smartphone Compatibility: iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.2+ Internet connect